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If you are looking for a larger loan over a longer term then TrustedInstallmentLoans are the lender for you – with long term loans up to $10,000 available to all customers.

  • 5 minute online application-see instantly what you qualify for
  • Borrow up to $10,000 with a choice of flexible repayment plans
  • Interest rates start at just 4.99%
  • Long term installment loans with up to 5 years to repay

Apply securely online with an easy 5 minute form and instant approval, to see what your options are – TrustedInstallmentLoans have a huge range of installment loans with monthly repayment periods that offer a staggering amount of flexibility to their customers.
Repayment terms vary from 1 to 5 years and allow YOU to choose the time you need to repay in comfortable and affordable monthly installments. With interest rates starting from an attractive 4.99% you can be assured that you’ll qualify for the lowest applicable rate, as you are able to choose the loan offer that is right for you from a range of options that work for your situation.

Whether you need a weeks worth of groceries to see your family through to payday, or you need a long term loan to cover larger expenses such as a new roof, medical or tuition fees, you will find your needs met with TrustedInstallmentLoans.  Small monthly installments put even the largest loan amounts within the reach of any customer, even those with a patchy or non-existent credit history.
Returning customers qualify for extended repayment terms and greater amounts, at lower rates of interest, rewarding you as you manage your loan responsibly.

Loans such as those offered here allow you to keep your finances discreet and your home secure, and are a worthy choice for anyone who is unable or unwilling to use their regular loan provider.

Payouts are extremely fast, with cash wired to your chosen account as fast as the next day, allowing you to make definite plans.  No more waiting for approval, waiting for money or waiting for checks to clear – emergencies are less stressful when you have almost instant cash access.

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18 Reviews to “TrustedInstallmentLoans – #1 Long Term Loans Provider”

  1. My husband and I borrowed $10,000 to pay for our dream wedding. It was important to us to get married and we wanted the big church wedding. Well, the long term loan we got from Trustedinstallmentloans covered everything and money to spare so that we could furnish our new home. What we repay each month is easy to budget and has given us a great start to life together. I have to have everything just so and hated the thought of starting our marriage with second hand furniture, so this was well worth it.

  2. I have repaid half of my $15,000 and it was easy enough to get this loan, considering I have terrible credit from debts I hadnt paid back. Its clear to me that this longterm personal loan is my last chance to rebuild my credit so
    I take it very seriously and make sure I pay on time. I am getting my life in order and this money bought a coffee shop franchise so that I can support my son.

  3. This is the best long term installment loans company, they lent me the money I needed for a new roof on my home. 5 stars!!!

  4. I dont usually bother reviewing online for the most part as so many sellers ask you for reviews that it becomes meaningless. HOWEVER, Trustedinstallmentloans deserve my seal of approval.

    To anyone reading who is in urgent need of a large sum, to clear credit card debts, I say, dont hesitate – get your personal instalment loan here. Why? Well.. the loan offer they made me was half the APR I was expecting. It means that by using the loan I got, of $2,950, I was able to clear my existing and expensive debts by consolidation, and now will pay less than half in interest by paying just this one monthly payment to Trustedinstallmentloans.

    The difference it makes to our family each month is like night and day. We are no longer struggling, and are even able to start our savings back up. Its like a new start financially, and one I will not waste.

  5. hy my name is roderick il would need a long term lender as fast as possible please contact me a [number removed] thanks and have a nice day

    edit by admin: Roderick, this is not the way to do it. Please don’t post sensitive information like this in the comments section here. GO TO YOUR CHOSEN LENDERS PAGE and apply by filling in their secure, encrypted web form.

  6. Hi, my name is Deborah and I am looking for a long term loan. To consolidate 10different bills. So I will be only paying one company. That will be a great big help to me. Can you help me my phone number is [EDITED OUT FOR PRIVACY]. Please call me and let me no if you can help me. Thank you

  7. Wow I feel so blessed, was able to consolidate 6 little but annoying monthly payments into a more manageable single payment installment loan thanks to Trustedinstallmentloans AND Im paying less in total because I got a decent interest rate.

  8. No problems here, my credit was shot to hell after getting divorced but thank God I was able to get $3,000 to secure my home. I set the repayments to an amount I could afford by myself. Im doing ok. Which is more than I can say for him. HA!

  9. Yeeehaw! Trustedinstallmentloans have my vote! Im a seasonal worker and I travel 6 months of the year. I got money to fix up my motorhome. My paycheck isnt regular enough for big banks. I got $5k from Trustedinstallment and the interest is just the same as loans for bad credit I had when my credit was A+++ so it just goes to show.

  10. Times are tough for my fam, I just got laid off and my new job aint kick in for a month or more – waitin to see what the boss decides. But, I applied just to see if they would help me anyway and yeh, Trustedinstallmentloans came through, got $$ to repair the water heater and roof and can manage the installments out of my check. Bit of a struggle but not so bad once Im working again.

  11. Thankyou, a thousand times, your loan enabled us to see my father one last time. I had tears in my eyes at the kindness shown to me- I WILL repay this money on schedule- all $6000, may God bless you. Jasmine

  12. Well, these guys are cheaper than paying off a credit card- I had NOT got a great credit score thanks to a poor trapping season and I needed $2,500 to keep my business afloat. They offered me several personal loans and I picked the one with the terms I could live with – got my cash a day later, and so far Im doing okay- thanks!

  13. $7000, repaid in 18mnths. I saved nearly $3000 in interest by consolidating debts and just owing one monthly payment to trusted installment loans. Well, I learned my lesson and now my credit should get back to normal pretty soon. ill be more careful in future to track my debts before they get confusing.

  14. You can trust them! I borrowed $3,100 over three years- couldnt be happier with the process and the simplicity. I had no credit history as I had just finished college and got my first job. I used the cash I borrowed along with help fro my family to buy my first home

  15. I got a monthly installment loan here and used it to start up my nail salon! Its so good being able to work for myself – I only needed $6000 and I have no trouble paying the installments. If you cant get cash from your bank for whatever reason (I had bad credit and they didnt like that I was self employed) then try TrustedInstallmentLoans.

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