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NetCredit Review

Price: Up to $10000 with no credit check


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Many people ask us if NetCredit’s loan service is legit, the truthful answer is that you can get much better loans elsewhere with more reasonable terms.  NetCredit promise to lend you up to $10,000 as an installment loan, making them a go-to lender for anyone who has a less-than stellar credit history.
A no credit check installment loan with NC claims to allow you to:

  • Borrow up to $10,000 for ANY purpose
  • Stick to your budget with fixed payment installments.. no nasty surprises!
  • Save money. The repayment amount you are quoted in your monthly installment loan offer is what you pay. No credit check also means no surprise fees or other hidden extras

NetCredit have a simple online application form which takes minutes to fill in. Their promised “instant approval and no credit check” is not quite as it seems and while you can see how much money you are eligible to borrow, you still need to make a formal application. Yes, you MAY get your loan paid very quickly but only if you are a customer with an exemplary background- most people need to submit a lot of additional paperwork which makes a NetCredit loan no more convenient than a bank or credit union loan- often taking days or a few weeks to process. No hidden fees?Sadly a perk for only the few customers- if you have average to bad credit, you WILL need to pay fees.

“Loans from Netcredit offer customers purchasing power they would not ordinarily enjoy, and widen their opportunities when it comes to financial issues. Debt consolidation becomes affordable and attractive, and over time, saves many customers a huge amount of money by reducing interest payments.”

A lofty promise, that NetCredit fail to make good on. NetCredit in reality have an extremely complicated process that only becomes apparent once you initiate the application. The promised “$10,000+” draws many applicants who see NC as a chance to make good on debts but they rarely qualify for such an amount and are often only eligible to borrow small sums that aren’t of much use.

NetCredit close the door on vulnerable people who need help the most and place them in a position no better than the one they’re in. Their finances are under tight control, with NetCredit able to call employers and relatives to chase up any late payments.

NetCredit can be useful but only for those people who are on their way out of the bad credit trap- otherwise, a netcredit loan may make things worse, and we suggest you may be better off checking out 3Yearloan for long term loans, or OneClickLoan for short term loans and other immediate cash needs.

Conclusion Rating
Net Credit Installment Loans
5 stars


  • college gal kate says:

    I got a $10,000 monthyl installment loan with no credit check here and I used it to pay my tuition (and a few treats) and I’m finding it really easy to pay back. I still got money each month to PAR-TAY :D

  • "Ci-Ci" Fererra says:

    seconded. I graduated with Kate and I got a loan here to pay my tuition too. Monthly installment loans with no credit check are definitely a cheaper option as far as monthly repayments go and I can’t praise them enough!!

  • J Petrovyskyz says:

    A monthly installment, no credit check loan from NetCredit covered all my wife’s medical bills from our daughter’s birth with enough left over for us to decorate the nursery.

  • C Childmann says:

    Thanks to netcredit we got a new kitchen fitted last year and our credit rating SUCKS!!! No credit check lending is a great option and not that expensive :)

  • serrah kozwyckz says:

    NET CREDIT ARE GREAT!!!!! They always help me out.

  • Cr B says:

    $7000 from net credit and then a further $4000 and currently paying off a $5,500 loan, and I AM SO GREATFUL, not only did Net Credit lend to me, but they did so way cheaper than I would have thought!!

  • thomas payne says:

    these comments that i’ve read simply put my mind at ease about scamers,as i just need a loan to tie me over for a few months till i get back on my feet,with the help of my congressman,FOR GET ABOUT LAWYERS,THEY’RE JUST VULTURES WAITING !!!!

  • Dr.Turlington says:

    WOW, Love it that it was this easy! Borrowed against all the credit card frauds I have… Paid off all those High Interest Cards! Thanks

  • Cascadei McMahon says:

    Sweet, it took a few tries to get approved b/c I totally made a stupid spelling error, doh, my own fault but anyway once that was sorted I was approved easily, Not quite as much $$$ as I requested but guess maybe cause I’m a new customer? Anyway, $5000 is still enough to get the job done. $8000 would have been better but seeing as no where else would loan me, I’m happy enough. I’ll manage.

  • Lonnie Johnson says:

    I tried netcredit after refusal at Winship. Accepted straight away! I was able to pick out a repayment schedule that works for me. All in all I’d recommend them to anyone who wants an honest and fair bad credit loan. As for winship, they have definitely got worse in the last year and prolly should be avoided.


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