Springleaf Financial VS First Choice Capital Loans Review


Springleaf Financial VS First Choice Capital Loans Review

Price: Up to $2500 with Low APR

Springleaf Financial Loans are an established name in finance with over 90 years experience, and welcome most applicants with decent credit. Customers may borrow up to $7,500 cash. However, when pitted against First Choice Capital resources, they fall short. Here is why:


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SpringLeaf Financial are an established name in finance with over 90 years experience,  and welcome most applicants with decent credit. Customers may borrow up to $7,500 cash.  However, when pitted against FirstChoiceCapital.com , they fall short. Here is why:

First Choice Capital welcome customers with credit problems, as they recognize that in recent years many more Americans are experiencing financial issues and facing a bad credit score than ever before. A changing economy requires lenders to remain flexible and FCC have done this.. whereas Springleaf remains a lot more rigid about who they will loan to, and therefore marginalize those who most need urgent help in the form of a loan.

First Choice Capital keeps “paperwork” to a minimum, which means they have superfast approval and payout timing. Springleaf Financial, in recent years have begun to slow up their turnaround time, which increases stress for customers who urgently need a cash loan. This makes a huge difference in terms of repeat customers, with more and more turning to FCC as they know they will have their loan with the minimum of “will they/won’t they” and can therefore plan their budget accordingly. FCC demonstrate a clear understanding of their customer’s needs to act quickly.

First Choice Capital are extremely flexible when it comes to repayment rates and their friendly customer service team personally examine your income to determine a fair repayment plan.. understanding that each customer’s situation is unique and reassuring you that you are in safe hands. In recent years, Springleaf-Financial have been slipping up on this personal touch that once made them a leading name in the loan industry.

FCC beat SpringLeaf Financial in every key area that our review team have scored them on. They are faster in both approval and payout speeds; they consistently approve more customers for higher-value loans than over-cautious SpringLeaf Financial; they provide a more personal service and a knowledgeable customer service team. Customers have been voting with their feet and moving over to FCC, and have expressed nothing but satisfaction for FCC’s range of poor credit loans.  It’s sad to see a respected name like SL doing badly and one can only hope they take a leaf from First Choice Capital’s book and work to turn their reputation around. In the meantime, it’s encouraging that customers have somewhere reliable to turn, and great to see that FCC are enjoying their well-earned success. Rumor has it that FCC may choose to expand their range of loans still further, to help even more customers although for now they go above and beyond the majority of lenders and do so very well.

By far the best advantage of a poor credit loan from First Choice Capital is that they put no stipulations on the purpose of the loan. You can borrow the money for any purpose, without explanation and this has seen many happy customers enjoy a treat once they have covered their urgent expenses. This personal touch makes a huge difference to customers who may have been struggling to meet even basic needs for quite some time, often giving them the mental pick-me-up they need to regain control of their finances.

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First Choice Capital Loans
5 stars


  • G Chung says:
    5 stars

    Springleaf took the sting out of my medical bills, and they have earned their good reputation. Being able to get the cash I needed helped alleviate my stress and Iam sure I was able to recover from my surgery faster than anticipated because of knowing money was taken care of. The repayments are proving to be easy to meet each month. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart, Springleaf.

    George Chung

  • C. Sanchez says:
    5 stars

    Thankyou Springleaf for your loan, we borrowed $6,500 for a new kitchen and the value of our home has increased as a result. As we are able to pay the loan off early, Springleaf kindly discounted the interest to reflect this. Customer service team are a pleasure to speak to.

  • Scott Radley "Radz" says:

    FCC lent me the full amount I needed for medical bills, I did shop around but chose them because their rates were the lowest of any similar lender. I am all better now and I will be taking out another loan with Springleaf in the new year to do repairs on my home.

  • Sareah Tomasz says:

    Honestly? I borrowed 2,500 bux for a vacation , so I could surprise my husband of 45 years for our wedding anniversary. Thanks for making this happen!!

  • Johnstone Green says:

    Don’t bother with Springleaf, they’ve lost their touch. If you want a fair deal, First Choice Capital will happily pick up where they left off. I got my last 2 loans there and couldn’t be happier.

  • Tyreece Muhammad says:

    Another ex-springleaf customer here. I found First choice Capital to be a great replacement for them, and I easily got the full $2,500 I requested and at a cheaper repayment plan than I was quoted off another lender.

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